Dawn Hill

Clerk and Election Commissioner

As the Gage County Clerk & Election Commissioner my goal is to provide outstanding service to you as you conduct your business with the county. 

The County Clerk’s duties include attending and recording all proceedings of the Board of Supervisors & Board of Equalization meetings.  The County Clerk must keep a record of all the official bonds, records of the layout, changes and improvements to all roads, all records of board minutes, documents & County Surveyor records.

The County Clerk is the custodian of the Superintendent of Schools records. 
(The office of the County Superintendent of schools was eliminated on June 30, 2000.  The records of the office of county superintendent of schools were transferred to and are maintained by the county clerk in each county. Section 23-3312)

Other duties and services you will find in the County Clerk’s office are:

  • County Payroll
  • Accounts Payable (The clerk must countersign all warrants issued by the County Board which have been signed by the Chairman)
  • New Marriage Licenses & Certified Copies (See link at the left for forms)
    (The Clerk’s office is also the custodian of previous issued marriage records dating back to the 1800’s)
  • Liquor & Tobacco license
  • Game & Park Permits available
  • Property Valuation Protest forms are filed in this office.
  • General Assistance forms
  • Birth & Death Certificate application forms
    (All records are located at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Lincoln, NE- Link located on left side of page)
  • Employee Health Insurance/Retirement & FMLA Information
  • Military Discharge Records - Veterans are encouraged to record their discharge papers with the County Clerk for safekeeping and for proof of service for any veterans benefits.
    Military discharge records can be provided only to the veteran with proper identification.  
  • As the Election Commissioner we conduct all county elections, including any special elections & maintain all voter records.  You may register to vote, change name, address or political party in the Clerk’s Office.