Election Commissioner

Dawn Hill

Clerk and Election Commissioner

Voter ID Information

As the Gage County Clerk & Election Commissioner my goal is to provide outstanding service to you as you conduct your business with the county. 

The Election Commissioner is responsible for conducting all County Elections, including any special elections, maintaining and updating the voter system & all election equipment.

You may register to vote; change your name, address or political party in the County Clerks’ Office. (For a voter registration form go to link on left).   

If you are at least 18 years of age, or you will be 18 years of age on or before the 1st Tuesday following the 1st Monday in November of this year you may register to vote.   

Filing for Office.  To have your name placed on a ballot for public office, you must file for office through either the County Clerk/Election Commissioner, the Secretary of State, or your Village Office, depending on the office you are filing for.  For information on when offices are up for election, where to file, filing deadlines, officeholder requirements, etc. Candidate Filing information and forms.  Federal, State, County, City, School, NRD and Public Power Districts file for office in the Primary Election, and ESU, Village and Township Officials file for office in the General Election.  If you are interested in filing as a candidate for a public office in Gage County as a County Official, for a city or village office in the county, or for a township in the county, there are different deadlines for filing depending on whether or not you already hold an elected office (* incumbent – see below).  The incumbent deadline for those required to file in a Primary Election is normally Feb. 15th and for a non-incumbent it is March 1st.  For those required to file in a General Election, the deadline for an incumbent is July 15th and for a non-incumbent it is August 1st.  If any one of those dates falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline extends to the next business day. 

* Incumbent - Neb. Rev. Stat. §32-111 defines an incumbent as a “person whom the canvassers or the courts declare elected to an elective office or who has been appointed to an elective office.” If you hold any elected office, you are an incumbent, and the incumbent deadline applies, even if you are filing for an office other than the one you currently have.

Parties Currently Recognized in the State of Nebraska and Explanation of Being Registered as Nonpartisan.  In Nebraska you have the option to register under one of the four recognized parties or as nonpartisan (not affiliated with a party).  The four parties recognized in Nebraska are Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Legal Marijuana Now parties.  If you register without a political party affiliation (nonpartisan), you will receive only the nonpartisan races for state and local offices on your ballot at Primary Elections.  If you wish to vote on both partisan and nonpartisan races in primary elections for the state and local offices that are partisan specific races, you must indicate a political party affiliation on your registration application.  If you register under one of the four parties, in a Primary Election you would have candidates for all non-party specific (nonpartisan) races AND those candidates who filed under your political party for partisan specific races on your ballot. You would vote for the candidate from your party in each race that you wish to move on to the General Election where they will run against the candidates who were nominated by their respective party(ies).  The only exception to not voting your registered party’s ballot in a Primary Election is that if you are registered as nonpartisan, you have the option to vote a separate ballot which includes only the congressional offices for the party of your choosing, in addition to your nonpartisan ballot.  In General Elections, candidate parties are listed under each candidate’s name but voters can choose to vote for any candidate including those who are registered under a different party than their own registered party. 

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