Emergency Manager

Office Hours

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


402-223-1368 (fax)


612 Grant St.
PO Box 661
Beatrice, NE 68310

Lisa Wiegand

Emergency Manager

The Gage County Emergency Management Agency is a county agency authorized by county resolution, and affirmed by county-city inter-local agreements and state statutes under the Nebraska Emergency Management Act.

The agency's office is located on the lower level of the Courthouse. The regular agency staff consists of a full time paid Director, 2 part-time paid Deputy Directors, and volunteer personnel.

Primary functions include assisting emergency services in planning for efficient operations during disasters, acting as liaison between emergency operations agencies and county-city executives, updates in the Local Emergency Operations Plan, maintaining the Emergency Operations Center for use at any time, development and maintenance of the all hazard warning system throughout Gage County, training severe weather spotters and coordinating storm watch operations, coordinating county-wide hazardous materials, planning reporting and response, planning and conducting various types of training exercises, instructing and assisting the general public in disaster procedures, and assisting schools, hospitals, nursing homes, business and industry in developing and implementing disaster plans.

The Director also serves as the Counties Safety Officer and as the information coordinator for the Local Emergency Planning Committee. The office also serves as the County Emergency Operations Center for use in coordinating disaster response operations and has auxiliary communications equipment for the county. The EOC has auxiliary electrical power.

Emergency Operations can also be done mobile with the agencies 4wd Suburban vehicle. This also is equipped with auxiliary radio equipment and supplies. A 12kw mobile generator is also available to be used for auxiliary electrical power and lighting.