Planning & Zoning

Lisa Wiegand

Planning & Zoning Administrator

Zoning Regulations

Permitted Conditional
Uses LFO
Uses LFO
AG1 4/Legal Quarter 300-1000 AU 1001+ AU Not Allowed
AG2 5/Legal Quarter 300-750 AU 751+ AU Allowed
AG3 2/Legal Quarter 300-599 AU 600+ AU Not Allowed
AG4 Unlimited None Permitted 300+ AU Allowed

*All AG districts allow Zoning Administrator to approve one to three parcel subdivisions accompanied by a survey. A subdivision counts as one in the density quota's.

Front Yard Setbacks in Ag Districts 1, 2, & 3 is 75' from center of road, no limitations on rear and side yard (unless abutting a residential district): Ag 4 has 75' front yard, 15' rear yard and 10' side yard.

All special uses need to go before the Planning Commission and then the County Board for approval. The County Board has final authority on these issues. Regulations require us to advertise at least 10 working days before the hearing of the date/time/place and purpose, notify adjoining landowners within a one (1) mile radius with the same information and post the property for a Special Use application.

Minimum lot size in all Ag districts is three (3) acres (unless community water and sewer is available then it can be as little as one (1) acre).

Parcel sizes of 10.0 acres and under need subdivision approval; Parcel sizes of 10.01 + acres do not need subdivision approval or an accompanying survey. If adding onto a parcel without leaving a parcel under 10.0 acres subdivision is not needed.

**If filling out a subdivision application, please be sure to fill out TWO ORIGINALS. No copies or faxes of any original will be accepted.**

 In order to get a Special Use, Zoning Relation change, or Zoning Map Amendment on for a hearing it has to be in our office by the middle of the preceding month.

There is a $50.00 fee for building permits.
($3.00 per $1,000 Development Fee for all non-farm structures)


Subdivision Regulations:

Special Use Permit approval is needed to develop a subdivision. Preliminary Plat is usually approved at the same time (but doesn't have to be). Final Plat approved as an agenda item only as long as it meets all the requirements.

History of Zoning in Gage County:

December 15, 1999-Temporary Zoning Adopted
June 11, 2001-Comprehensive Plan approved & zoning regulations adopted
December 2002-Lot size decreased to a three (3) acre minimum